Hi. I love kids! Here I blog from a Christian perspective about all things related to raising children and not messing them up too badly! Thank you for visiting!



Kids Grow

Seems I never post on this blog. Kids are very time consuming, and the more you have, the less free time you have. Nevertheless, they are bundles of joy. My eight year old is getting big. She now likes to try to cook, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor. Some days, I don’t have to ask. She just does it. She also occasionally puts on two different socks, just because she wants to be creative. I smile. The thing that makes me most happy is when the two year old cries and does something bad, and then my eight year old will take her and look her in the eye, and tell her, “Now, we don’t throw things.” Or something like that. These are moments that make my heart feel like its about to burst out of my chest. There is little else in the world that make the heart feel this way besides children. To see my oldest daughter act so grown-up is just the best. She even occasionally will let the two year old sit on her lap and she will feed her soup, if we let her. I’m always worried about messes, but the joy of seeing my two girls together is worth some soup on a chair or a shirt. I love my girlies, and I love watching them grow into the beautiful women and mothers they will be one day soon.

Babies Grow

My two kids are different from each other, each one reaching milestones at different times and in different ways. My second child is 15 months old and all at once she began wanting to eat with a spoon, started to walk by herself, talk more, and show “interest” in the potty, and a few other things. This child seems to do things all at once and then spend months doing nothing. If I remember correctly, my first child was a bit different, but I forget. It’s all very exciting to see a baby walk for the first time. Lots of squealing in delight at our house, much to my husband’s annoyance. The potty training will take time. The baby is scared to sit on it, but one day she will. I love how babies grow. God made everything so beautiful, especially his little ones.

The Potty

Well, I guess potty training is not so bad. I have a one year old and was not looking forward to the training. I assumed it would take up all my time. My child started to run away from me while changing her diaper. I assumed this meant she was ready for the potty. So out the potty came. I tried to put her on it and she arches her back and cries. She is terrified of it. So I guess she wasn’t as ready as I thought she was. Everything is a process. We parents need to learn that everything takes adjustment time. Just as we adjust to having a baby, the baby also needs time to adjust to everything. Little by little she sees the potty and I know one day she will sit on it. How time consuming it will be I don’t know, but I love seeing her grow and learn.


We begin and end each day with prayer.

Thank you, God, for one more day of life with my husband and children. Please help us today with everything we have to do. Please keep us healthy and safe.

Thank you, God, for today. Please help us to sleep well and speak to us in our dreams. Please forgive us for our sins. Good night, Lord.

Praying helps us know that our hearts are turned to God, if anything should happen we are right with the Lord and praying helps us to survive each day. It is very important to seek God’s help in everything to have a happy family.